Toda la dificultad de pilotar un Ford GT40 resumida en un vídeo


  1. I've never had much luck with Susan Bates circulars. Every one I've owned I've maegnad to snap one needle off the cable. I have large hands and tend to manhandle my needles, though, so your mileage may vary. All my smaller needles (size 3 and down) tend to be curved after I've used them. Fortunately, my husband got me a set of Addi Clicks for my birthday. Later, about 2 years ago, I bought myself a set of Knit Picks interchangeables. I love both sets and have never had one break. Yet.:) I love the join on the Addis. You click them together properly and they're not coming apart, but the cables seem a bit stiff, to me. Most of mine have kinks in them. The Knit Picks have more flexible cables, but you have to pay attention to the join so it doesn't come apart. This doesn't happen very often and usually the yarn starts catching and lets me know when they need to be tightened. Also, the little hole for the tightening key, is a great way for running a (string) lifeline. Just my humble opinion.