El estacionamiento mas popular de Japón


Si estas en Japón el mejor lugar para ver autos modificados es el estacionamiento de Daikoku. y la página de speedhunters.com tiene la galería de este mes sigue para verla


I did spot only these two R35s…

…this silver example running an interesting wing conversion…

…but enough of a mouthwatering selection of rides to warrant me staying a little longer.

Cars like the Carrera GT are quite the rare sight even in big and wealthy cities like Tokyo so you will have to forgive if I drool over this motoring work of art for a little bit.

I have seen a few over the years, but all have been split-second encounters on the road, never parked up like this.

Only 1,270 have been built and I’m sure it will be another while before I see one like this up close.

And on the subject of cool German rides a brand new SLS.

The owner gave a little engine note demo at one point too, AMG sure knows how to tune its exhausts!

V8 power for this little group too…gotta love the sponsorship deal the owner has struck up. Wonder if he gets free fried pickles!

Show cars were out trying to impress with their wild door conversions, oversized wheels and loud audio system, there was really something for everybody!

Got stance? This Toyota bB was riding on 15-inch…

…Work Equip 03s and a very aggressive ride height drop.

Slammed all the way.

A small group of RX-7s had taken over the area that last year on March 5th was full of R35s.

A perfect replica of Takayama’s R-Magic D1 FD3S!

More FDs!

A very similar paint scheme for the Sileighty and EK9 Type-R above.

This champagne-gold ER34 had been given a GT-R conversion thanks to widened fenders and a Nismo Z-tune front bumper.

You can’t beat a clean Z32!

As soon as this KTM X-Bow arrived it quickly generated a small crowd, everyone trying to get a glimpse of the all-carbon bike on 4-wheels.

The engine air scoop is the perfect place to hang the steering wheel!

EP3 Civic with fake UK plates under the Japanese ones. This version of the Type-R was actually built in the UK so I guess the owner wants to emphasize the fact.

A JDM Honda Accord, but given the Acura TSX look. I think they refer to this as «badge tuning.»

A friend of mine dropped by with his recent purchase, a TVR Griffith which he picked up just a week ago. A very cool ride indeed and in superb condition for its age and even came with what looks like a special order vented hood.

Powering the 1,050 kg drop top is a 5L Rover V8 kicking out around 340 HP…not bad for what is in essence a 50-year old engine!

The Police didn’t seem to mind the loud music as much as the previous night so the Daikoku PA party continued well into the night. I, on the other hand, had to get some sleep as I had to get to Mobara Circuit early the next day!

Until next year, that wraps up the Skyline Week celebrations!