725HP LS9 Camaro HPE700 Upgrade

725HP LS9 Camaro HPE700 Upgrade


Si tienes un Camaro que ya es mucho decir y quiere hacerlo, más musculoso, la empresa Hennessey te da el kit perfecto para subir tu auto hasta los 725HP aquí te contamos que contiene


• 725 bhp @ 6,400 rpm

• 741 lb-ft Torque @ 3,200 rpm


Performance (Estimated):

• 0 – 100 km: 3.5 sec.

• 1/4 milla: 11.3 @ 126 mph

• 60 – 0 km frenado: 104 ft.



El paquete Camaro HPE700 incluye:

• Base 2010 Camaro SS con 6-velocidades manuales

•Los colores de fabrica

• Motor LS9 6.2L Super cargado con Intercooler integrado

• Mobil 1 Oil & Filter

• CarbonAero™ componentes de fibra de carbon : Labio del Spoiler Trasero, Difusor trasero,defensa delantera , Side Rocker


•  Headers de acero inoxidable

• HPE Extreme Duty Clutch & Flywheel Upgrade

• HPE Race Shift Knob and Shifter Upgrade

• HPE rines de bajo peso

• 20 x 11 inch (rear); 20 x 10 inch (front)

• Llantas Michelin Pilot Sport 2

• Frenos delanteros Brembo Upgrade: Caliper con 6-Pistones

• Frenos Brembo traseros  Upgrade: 4-Piston Calipers with 14 inch Light Weight Rotors

• KW / HPE Variant 3 Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension Upgrade

• KW / HPE Front & Rear Sway Bar Upgrades

• Painted Hockey Stick Side Stripe with LS9 logo

• Hennessey Embroidered Head Rests & Floor Mats

• Limited Edition HPE700 Dash Plaque & Hood Plaque

• HPE700 & Hennessey Logos Painted on Rear Deck Lid

• Hennessey Letter of Authenticity

• HPE700 buyers will also receive a 1-day performance driving course at Lonestar Motorsports Park – a 1/4 mile dragstrip facility located adjacent to Hennessey’s 30,000 square foot production facility

and showroom.


Opciones incluidas

• Colores

• 850 hp Twin Turbo Upgrade

• 1000 hp Twin Turbo Upgrade


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